Vulnerability Management: Top 5 Security Measures Being Missed While Working From Home

Richa Rajput July 16, 2020 0 Comments

Working from home is the new normal and COVID-19 being at the top of the head all the time, some of the cybersecurity measures are being fallen wayside. However, it is essential that employees should take proper measures so that the system and the sensitive data information are secured while doing video conferencing or exchanging crucial information over the mail text. Therefore leading in the proper vulnerability management within the system.

Here are the top 5 security measures that can help you to develop good practices and measures during this call of the hour. 

1.Vulnerability and Patch Management

The foremost thing to do is check for the vulnerabilities within your network and patch them before they become a problem for your organization. But make sure that you deploy the VPN cycle correctly otherwise it can be malicious for and for your business.

In order to prevent this, make sure that the VPN is latest updated with the patches and has been secured. Along with that fix the systems at the priority that are at the higher risk of being damaged. 

2.Two-factor or multifactor authentication

Vulnerability Management

With the current scenario of working, office workers need to access their work from home. This has caused the missing of two-factor or multifactor authentication. But we should never forget that two-factor authentication helps in providing access to the right user. 

So if you or your organization were not using the 2FA till now, it’s time to start using it. MFA should be enforced at the priority within the different departments of the organization so that no sensitive data can be leaked. 

3.Penetration Testing

You may think that while working distantly there would be no need for a penetration test. But here you go wrong, this is the time to initiate the testing. If you don’t know – this test helps in identifying both the weakness (vulnerabilities) and the potential from where the unauthorized user can get access to your files. 

That’s why ensuring a safe and secure remote working during this pandemic is very crucial. Improper planning and testing can lead to misconfiguration and prone the organization to vulnerable attacks.

4.VPN Access to servers

VPN access to remote users is a must during this new working age. As earlier, only a few workers used to work remotely, but now all of a sudden everything went on lockdown and everyone was forced to work from home due to which companies were out of license of VPN.

You can connect with TechNEXA Technologies and get the best support for VPN and other security services from our experts as soon as possible.

5.Ongoing Security Awareness Training

Vulnerability Management

Security Awareness Training has become more important than ever. During a survey, it has been found that there has been an increase in the number of phishing campaigns making the people click on the links and provide their personal information.

Therefore it’s important to train your employees about the security measures especially during this time using web meetings and cyber tools.

This list may seem to scare you about your organization’s security measures but you no need to worry about it. You can connect TechNEXA Technologies and get a FREE consulting session with our expert team and ensure maximum security. 

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