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Make your visitors check-in smartly!

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TechNEXA’s Visitor Management System (Croeso) allow business owner to enrol visitor as they enter and exit the premises. Enhanced with the latest web technologies and, CROESO assist business owner to enhance the way you welcome your visitors.

Meet the Future of Visitor Management

Self- Serviced Check-in

Extend a red carpet welcome with Superfast Self serviced Check-in.

Manage Entry/Exit

An event use case for a group of people enters/exit at a time.

Notify Hosts through email.

Automatically notify employees on visitor arrival via email notification.

Visitors Reports & Analytics

Keep your management happy and provide them with detailed visitor flow reports.

Email Integration

Integrate your enterprise gateways for communications and notifications.

Unlimited Employees

Add any number of employees in your directory, allowed free access to the web app.

Centralize your guest performance at one place

  • Visitor logs can be tracked by a dashboard panel provided to the subscribed authorities for better analysis
  • User can always access the visitor dashboard panel and look for the complete details of every guest who visits
  • The dashboard is smartly configured and admin can personalize the appearance and customize fields of the registration process”
  • Get a bird’s eye view of visitor movement across multiple locations under one central dashboard

Optimize your visitor’s visit with Croeso

Maximise your team efficiency! Power-up with our visitor management system

that allows your employees, receptionist & visitors to be in sync at all times.

1.Build Brand Call
Showcase your brand and wow guests with a modern first impression.

2.Print/Email Visitor Badges
Provide Badges to Visitor for easy identifications and check-out.

3.Automatic Software Updates
Updates for the Croeso platform directly pushed to your systems over the cloud.

4.Check Out
Visitors can check-out on Tablet or admins can check them out via web dashboard.

We are more than just a solution provider

We sign an NDA and confidentiality agreement to guarantee your data & process privacy.

We provide consistent and quality support with a detailed Service Level Agreement. We have a track record of 99.8% uptime and a long list of very happy customers!

On-site installation & remote installation options available, as you would prefer. We understand that every enterprise is different in terms of expectations. We work to deliver as per your process needs.

We offer video training for admin staff to understand the extensive usage of our product. We also help with launch collaterals for employee sensitization for seamless adoption of this technology.

With Zero Customer Churn, Croeso delights with multi-channel support via email, chat & phone. We believe in working as an extension of your team to support you with all your service needs.

Usually for Rs. 999 / month
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