Database Disaster Recovery Over AWS: Hema Industries Reduces Recovery Time & Expense

Prerna Narang June 11, 2019 0 Comments

Gurugram, June 11, 2019-  With IT at the core of every business, it is essential for companies to focus on IT resilience by planning and being prepared for any kind of planned/ unplanned downtime. Hema Engineering Industries one of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer had ERP application deployed in their infrastructure. The vast number of transactions occur at their multiple locations but they don’t have any backup schedules for importing/exporting data, which can cause the site to go down when an unforeseen event occurs.

Hema Industries selected TechNEXA Technologies to analyze Oracle Database Environment, as they were looking for a disaster recovery setup and wanted to configure all their major sites. After going through the current IT environment, TechNEXA proposed setting up of the database disaster recovery over the AWS cloud.

TechNEXA acted quickly as an all in one service provider and firstly removed all the vulnerabilities and proposed the solution to support real-time replication of customers database, without using the 3rd part tool. AWS CloudWatch and Zabbix were also implemented for the 24×7 dual monitoring approach so that the team is always ready to tackle any oddity in the network.

The project was completed within the provided timeline. This enabled Hema Engineering Industries to have DR setup with the reduced recovery time and the data is now being securely resided over AWS cloud.

You can download the case study to read more.

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