When downtime is not a option
Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service
A Disaster Recovery is the examination of each step in a disaster recovery plan. TechNexa provides the best disaster recovery services and performs the recovery operations with the data center, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, and Cloud.


The number of DR experts can be changed with changing needs allowing you to optimize the costs and get the best support services. As we usually work on a fix pay-per- month/ Year model so there is no surprise pricing at the end of the month.

Our DR team is available 24/7 and with round the clock availability of our DR experts, any issue is solved instantly eliminating downtime.

TechNexa have high level of technical expertise and several years of experience for DR, we guarantee best performance and customer satisfaction. We apply our years of experience to design custom-tailored support plan as a stand-alone service

Our DR Team can consult and is domain specialists working on site and promptly close tickets and improve your customer satisfaction.

TechNexa custom- train our team to cater to your needs. Reach out to us or contact us with your requirements to get a free, no-obligation quote.



If you have a unique product and service that needs specialized skill-sets, we custom- train our tech support staff to cater to your needs


We’re expert in DR Drill and take care your DR.


Our DR team can help architect, design, deploy and manage your DR, whether they are on Premise, Clouds Platforms and HCI
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