How NutraLyfe Optimized their Network Performance with TechNEXA

Financial performance in networks.

Gurugram, May 22, 2019–  NutraLyfe being an E-Commerce service provider had huge network dependency and was facing multiple network and performance issues. There was no visibility in the user activity and network management was one of the major pain points.

TechNEXA Technologies was selected after scoping out many network service providers in Delhi/NCR. During the assessment phase, this was observed that there was zero network visibility, no firewalls, no gateway security, and no web filters; which means any user can access any site without being tracked and the network was open to security threats.

NutraLyfe had two internet links but they were only able to use one at a time because of lack of load balancer for the internet. The entire network was initially audited to find out all the areas of improvement. After scoping and assessment, there was a need to restructure the entire network from scratch. The entire network was deployed from the beginning based on the best industry practices. SonicWall firewall was deployed to secure the network and implement multiple security mechanisms.

“I would like to thank TechNEXA and the team for the work you have put in the project completion.  Especially thanks to you and your team for the supporting work and finishing work way before time. You have put together a throughout and well-researched presentation. Teams experience made everything go so much smoother. You lead the team well and supported & guided them to implement & deployed project prior to its deadline. I really appreciate your customer support and your insight into streamlining the implementation plan.”- said Shuja Mahmood- IT Manager- Nutravo Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.

You can download the case study to read more.

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