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API Banking By ICICI Bank

APIs or application programming interfaces mean that a bank can offer a 3rd party to its customer services through dedicated APIs. Prepared to gamble by using 777 slot. This capability of API banking helps the customer to conduct banking transactions in an easy manner without toggling between their enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and the bank.

ICICI Bank launched India’s largest API banking portal with around 250 APIs, which allows developers of potential companies to basically sign up, build an application, select an application, test it, and get sample code Enables. With this, businesses, fintech, corporate, and e-commerce start-ups can easily partner with the bank and create innovative customer solutions in a seamless way with the convenience of a single portal.

icici api banking
Application Programming Interface (API) Banking

API banking uses API (XML / JSN code) for communication between the bank and the customer server, making data transfer between these two systems seamless, between the customer and the bank’s systems. Ensures seamless and secure integration between.

The usage of the ‘ICICI Bank API Banking Portal’ simplifies the process of digital collaboration for a company with the Bank and reduces the time taken to develop a business solution to a few days. This significantly raises productivity for partner companies. This portal hosts the maximum number of virtual APIs put together by any Indian bank.

Benefits of doing ICICI API banking TechNEXA Technologies

Now you can experience seamless, hassle-free banking through ICICI API Banking services by integrating your ERP directly with their server, wherein you will be able to take the advantages of fully automated transactions and instant reconciliations in a secured way.

In this regard, ICICI Bank has a dedicated Developers’ Portal, which hosts over 250 different Banking APIs – the largest of its kind in the industry. Companies ranging from fintech, e-commerce, start-ups, and others, can easily join the platform through simple signup, and can test the APIs in a sandbox environment before taking it to the production environment.

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