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As the technologies like cloud, IoT continue to evolve, the world around us feels more connected than ever before. Internet of Things (IoT) has established a network of interconnected devices and sensors that are transforming the way we carry out everyday tasks. Smart cities, smart homes, smart retail, smart cars, and wearable exhibit proof of how the connected devices are disrupting the status quo leading to creating an efficient and automated planet.

Did you know IoT devices don’t offer any major benefit on their own? The data gathered by them interpret into meaningful information and pave the way for the advancement of IoT. Cloud services facilitate instantaneous databases, on-demand delivery of computing infrastructure, storage. It also facilitates applications needed for the analysis and processing of data points generated through hundreds of IoT devices. 

Based on the principles of agility and scalability, the cloud is acclaimed as an innovative technology across the globe. Cloud solutions can aid in the large-scale adoption of IoT initiatives.

Benefits of Cloud in IoT



Cloud provides Scalability to IoT devices


One of the benefits of placing the IoT system in a cloud is that it is very easily scalable. In the case of on-premise network infrastructures, scaling up requires purchasing hardware, investing time, and undertaking increased configuration attempts to make it run accurately. On the other hand, in a cloud-based IoT system, adding new resources usually cuts down into letting another virtual server or more cloud space which both have the extra advantage of being quickly implemented. Furthermore, IoT cloud platform services offer flexibility in case you want to scale down the number of IoT-enabled devices.

Data Mobility

Cloud allows data mobility for IoT devices


With the data stored and processed in the cloud server, it can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world, which also means that it won’t be bound by any infrastructural or network limitations. Mobility is very essential when it comes to IoT projects requiring real-time monitoring and management of connected devices. 


Cloud provides security to IoT devices


Security issues have been a primary concern for the IoT system ever since its origin. In the cloud platform vs. on-premise IoT infrastructure, it’s all about reliability. In the case of on-premise servers, it lies in the hands of the organization and follows the security practices of that organization. Hence, it is quite natural that some organizations to feel uncomfortable about giving up command over their sensitive data and reaching out to an external party. Yet, there is a common understanding between both the service providers and clients that storing and processing your Internet of Things data in the cloud is more secure than having it on-premise.


Large initial upfront investments and enhanced implementation risk in the case of an on-premise Internet of Things system can be discouraging. Adding to that, there is the issue of continuous costs of hardware maintenance and IT help. From the cloud prospect, things look better. Significantly diminished up-front costs and a flexible pricing plan based on pay per use encourage IoT-based businesses to switch to the cloud. Within this enterprise model, costs are easier to predict. You don’t have to worry about hardware failure, which in case of on-premise Internet of Things systems may generate huge additional costs, apart from business losses resulting from service downtime.

At the end of the day, the profitability of transferring IoT services to the cloud may depend on the requirements and limitations of the specific use case. 

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