SD-WAN: The bridge from here to everywhere.
Securely connect any user, any application, anywhere, with the power of the cloud via SD-WAN. The modern workforce is increasingly mobile, and business-critical applications are running over the Internet across multiple clouds. Traditional WAN architectures can’t keep up, because of lack of available bandwidth, limited security, and increased complexity, which prevents IT from responding to business needs faster.​ This is where SD-WAN comes in the picture.

TechNEXA helps you to optimize and transform your network to meet the evolving demands of the cloud with our fully-managed SD-WAN. Our experts work with you to implement, manage and proactively optimize your solution based on your evolving needs.

SD-WAN Solutions
WAN transformation made simple.

We enable customers to eliminate multiple point products and the cost, complexity, and risk associated with maintaining them. With us, WAN transformation will not merely end in MPLS cost avoidance but present a full roadmap for streamlining the networking and security infrastructure of the organization.

Why choose SD-WAN from TechNEXA


Provides application visibility – What is running on the network? Simple interface that is easy to configure and manage. Swiftly build virtualized network functions and configuration.


Ability to support VPNs, and third-party NFV services. Multi-tenancy and Seamless Cloud connect. Both cloud-based security and centralized management to minimize.


Ability to do dynamic path selection, for load sharing and resiliency purposes. Zero-touch-provisioning for remote locations with little or no onsite technical presence.


Customer Portal for Provisioning and NW configuration with Dashboard. Rapidly Deployable and Scalable WAN Solution. Self-managed and controlled QOS per application.
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