Website Maintenance Services

Get our maintenance service and keep your website updated with new technology!
Our experts take care of your website so that you can focus on your business. Our services include regular maintenance of the website so that the customers won’t face any troubles and can get all the updated details that you want to showcase.

We manage your WordPress website by providing services like technical support, speed optimization, security optimization, keeping the website up-to-date, Maintains and management of the site, secure and protect the website, and restructuring the content.

Website Maintenance
Services we provide

Whatever your requirements, we cater can them all. Our website maintenance services include a scan for vulnerabilities, repairs and fixes, browser compatibility testing, Bug Fixing, and many more.

For keeping your website up-to-date we follow the following services:

Tech Support

We provide full tech support for your existing website. Add a new feature to a website or get a new section added to a page. Our services can help you with creating a new contact form, adding a new page to your navigation, or more.

WordPress Core & Plugin Upgrade

We regularly check for our client’s WordPress website and its plugin updates to make necessary changes. In this whole process, we didn’t even bother our client just do the needful changes whenever required.

Website Backup

With our website back-up service, you won’t face data loss challenges, for keeping client’s data safe, we make ensure to keep their website data fully backed-up in a proper manner. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly cloud back-up, we do all.

Website Security

It’s very important to keep your website fully secure. We add a multi-tier security layer to your website, which includes a firewall, SSL, UFW, DDoS Mitigation, and more important security changes that are required for a fully secure website.

WordPress Maintenance

With our WordPress maintenance services, our team takes care of WordPress upgrades and security patches for your company. Get full support for your company’s WordPress website with us.

Uptime Monitoring

Our dedicated team monitors your website 24×7 to resolve the error as soon it occurs. When your website faces any downtime, it immediately alerts our support team to act and the issue will be addressed.
Regular Updates
With regular updates, which can be done during business hours, our team of developers keeps your website functional and secure for users. Whether you’re looking to add new images, delete page copy, or modify a link, our website maintenance services offer what you need.
  • Text: Add, update or delete content.
  • Photos: Add, update or delete images to your website or basic retouching.
  • Pages: Additions or deletions using existing page design.
  • Navigation: Manages all the basic and required navigational changes like add, move, or delete an item in the navigation.
  • File downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents.
  • Videos: If you want to Insert or delete any of the pre-edited video in the website.
  • Links: We help you with links editing like adding a new link or deleting an old link.
  • Color and background images: We manage update and replace all the required changes in background images or their color.
Website Maintenance
Why Website Maintenance is Important?

The best appraisal of your website’s performance comes from the people visiting your website, from customers to staff to leads.  Every live website needs regular maintenance to keep up to date with the latest designs and information for its business. There is nothing worse than having a website with a bunch of old information and outdated graphics. Not only will you be penalized by Google in search results, but sometimes you will lose potential customers. Our website maintenance services will help you to update and maintain the website on a regular basis.

Website Maintenance Services
What we do?
  • Managing website to improve your site and its online performance
  • Manages all your online promotional activities even if you’re offline
  • Ensure proper protection and security for the website
  • Restructuring of contents/graphics
  • Report generation and monitoring of application usage
  • E-commerce site management
  • Taking care of framework modules
  • Processing of routine change request
  • Blog maintenance
  • Keeping your website up-to-date
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